Saturday, January 1, 2011

Creating Your Display

Display Tips
  • Try your booth display out before you get to the market.
  • A multi-level display is visually appealing.
  • Drape your table cloths all the way to the floor in front to hide the storage area underneat.
  • Ask yourself if your booth is a nice tidy, space.  Is it appealing to someone walking by? Are you looking engaged and happy to be there?
  • Streets are uneven and your tables might be wobbly, be prepared to stabilize them
  • Display props need to be sturdy, weighted or held down. Wind and rain can topple displays or blow any loose paper or bags around.
Booth Display Websites
Other Thoughts
  • Never leave your booth unattended.
  • Have a friend stop by or Make Olympia often has volunteers that can watch your booth.
  • Keep organized. Have one area for people to buy or talk about your work. Keep all your packaging and receipts in one area that is easily accessed. Stow empty boxes and extra merchandise out of sight.